Tell Your Story, child of God....

…no matter how messy, no matter how broken, no matter how amazing, no matter how humbling: tell your story.

Last night I had the privilege and honor of sharing a short testimony and a couple of my songs at the Abortion Alternatives and Crisis Pregnancy Center’s first fundraising banquet in Abingdon.

the keynote speaker shared her testimony of deliverance from her own chains of aborting a baby as a teenager, how God had redeemed her, and how Satan for so many years had bound her in guilt and shame. She shared that every time she shared her testimony, women come to share their story with her, and she can point them to the redemption and freedom found in the forgiveness of Jesus! Because she shares her story, others find freedom, too!

After the banquet was over, a woman who had been sitting at a table in front of the stage stopped me to speak to me about my music, specifically telling me that she really liked “Child of God.” I don't often go straight into a song story, but last night I did (because that’s how God orchestrates things!). I shared with her how I had stepped away from a worship leader position that I had loved and known so long, and that one day as I sat crying, grieving over what I thought at the time was a lost piece of me, I asked God, “Who am I now, if I’m not a worship leader?” I told her how quickly the Holy Spirit answered, “You are mine,” and how God has shown me that being His child and knowing my identity in Him is the greatest, most significant title I could ever hold.

As I spoke to her, her face changed, and she began to cry. She said in astonishment, “That’s my story.” She began to share with me that she had loved leading music and worship, but because of her health, she had to step away. She asked God the same question, “Who am I now?” Because of sharing my story, I was able to tell her (with tears running down my face, of course!) that God says, “You are mine!” I was able to hug her and tell her that she was precious in His sight, and that being a child of God is the most significant title that she could have.

What a privilege to be used by the King of Kings to speak peace into a grieving heart!

So, I tell this story to tell you: tell your story, friends. Your story could be the Holy Spirit speaking peace in someone’s storm, hope in someone’s desperation, or freedom in someone’s bondage! Tell your story.

(In case you need a reminder of who God says you are: Child of God….. Listen to "Child of God"